factors that affecting students’ decision to change their major to management information



Scope: I want you to write a PhD research paper for submitting it at one of ISI journals.


The subject of the paper would be: factors that affecting students’ decision to change their major to management information systems in gulf region


Paper Level: PhD


Paper length: 12 double space


Paper format: APA


Note: if you have a question, you can email me at dode303030@gmail.com


Additional Information that may help you to write the paper:

The growing shortage of skills in Management information systems is a major concern in Gulf region.

Management information systems is critical to both government and private sectors and therefore the need for skills is growing.

With the existence of high job availability and high starting salaries in Management information systems, students are not choosing to study in Management information systems fields. Why?

How we can increase enrolment into Management Information Systems major means what factors must be consider by universities in gulf region!

I want you in this study to look at Management information systems major where prior studies have found that misperceptions of the major exist in business schools Gulf region. Yet at university these misperceptions can be addressed. Also form the literature review I want you to identify factors that students consider when changing their major to Management information systems and practical guide to Universities in gulf region that help them increase enrolment into Management Information Systems major.



In the end, I want you to discuss result or Literature review and draw a conclusion, as well as suggested a future studies that emphasis the research topics


Note that since this paper talked about IT I want you to include some charts, graphs, and table that analyze Literature review that enhance the study; example of those as follow:

  • Table for compare
  • graphs of practical guide


the paper should include the following items:


  1. Introduction
  2. Research Problem “Generate a research Questions within this part
  3. Significance of the Study
  4. Limitation of the Study
  5. Operational Definition
  6. Previous Studies
    1. Need to consider middle east and focus in gulf region in literature review
  7. Research Method and Procedures
    1. Methodology of the Study: Literature Review
    2. Procedure followed to draw conclusion
  8. The Results of The Study
  9. Recommendations
    1. Recommendation should fits with environment explained in previous Studies Section
  10. References
    1. number of reference should be 20-30 and up references
    2. date of references should start form 2010 and up and



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