Explain the role of a job analysis for successfully accomplishing their stated goals


Erica Freeman, president and CEO of LoneStar Landscaping, has recently partnered with Andrew Porter to expand her established, reputable business to include his business specialties: hardscapes, pools, and spas. Erica and Andrew realize that they need to examine combined organizational structure, hire additional staff, and perhaps reassign several existing employees.


Erica and Andrew hire you as an Industrial Organization (I/O) consultant. Design a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to help them accomplish their goals.

In your presentation, respond to the following:

  • Section 1: Explain the role of a job analysis for successfully accomplishing their stated goals.
    • Explain why a job analysis is a necessary prerequisite to engage in the employee classification, selection, and placement projects.
    • Evaluate the existing job description that Erica and Andrew have provided you for the office manager position.
    • Deliver your professional opinion regarding whether the existing job description is sufficient or whether it needs revisions.
    • Justify your recommendations by citing relevant resources.
  • Section 2: Create and critique a selection rating scale for the position of receptionist based on this¬†job description.
    • Select and describe fifteen to twenty factors such as education, experience, abilities, and attitude, for assessment based on the job description provided.
    • Describe the measures used to assess candidate skills: resume, interview, other assessment instruments, or behavioral observation or a combination of assessment measures.
    • Design instructions for the use of the rating scale.
    • Discuss how you would test for reliability and validity of your selection plan.
    • Justify your recommendations by citing relevant resources.
  • Section 3: Analyze the need for a classification policy at LoneStar Landscaping. Next, develop an appropriate classification policy for LoneStar.
    • Identify the variety of employment classifications that may exist at the company, including exempt versus nonexempt, seasonal, temporary, and regular.
    • Explain how the policy addresses federal and state laws; clearly define each classification.

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