During this semester, as an exercise in information gathering, synthesis, and evaluation, you will
be asked to read two journal articles and to write a brief summary of each of them and your
reaction to one. These articles you read will be chosen, by you, from the publications listed on
the reverse side, published in 2016, the articles you read will be a minimum of three pages in
length, and they will deal with the specified subject matter.
After you have read a journal article you are to write a short paper briefly summarizing the

.:The paper for each article read is to take a specific form. It is to be typed, double-spaced, on one
side, of an ReS .x.l l inch white paper. Use Arial, Times or Times-Roman size 12 font. Margins
will be one-inch at the top, right side, and bottom of the page; margin will be 1.5 inches on the
left side. You are to give the proper citation of the article (an example is given below) at the
beginning of your essay (top of the first page). On the back of the page write your name, the
name of the class, the topic of your paper Evolution, , and
the date. You will be graded 50% on content and 50% on proper format, grammar, and spelling.


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