Entrepreneur journey


This is a coursework for : Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Assignment Task
Select an ?entrepreneur? and analyse their journey through the ?entrepreneurial process?, from the initial idea through to start-up & ?growth?. Discuss, with examples, whether your analysis supports Burns assertions about ?triggers? and ?blocks?. Critically evaluate whether these factors alone fully explain the reasons for your entrepreneurs decision to start up, and the ?growth? of their business. Based on your response what do you conclude about creating a successful new venture?
I’ve already started writing the essay, i’ll upload it to you to complete it and also i will attach a sample of the same assignment that i need you to see to understand how i want you to write the essay.
in the main document there are links for the entrepreneur i’ve selected and i want you to go through that. Of course don’t forget to mention Burns as a reference and based on his book.
Also add a timeline for the entrepreneur journey and add any diagram needed in this coursework.
The course work is about 1500 work… less than that is ok.

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