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Assignment Remit

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Please note this is an individual piece of work

Assignment Remit

You are required to produce a detailed business plan for a small to medium business operating in an industry sector of your choice. Your plan can either build upon the business venture outlined in your original business proposal or a new business venture. Furthermore you should make reference to your proposed businesses’:

Market trends/customer demand
Target audience
Choice of location
Key competitors
Business objectives (short, medium and long term)
Type of business structure
Manpower requirements
Market and promotional strategies
Relevant legal requirements/legislation
Sources of business funds
Cash account, profit and loss account, and balance sheet – for as many years needed until the business demonstrates a suitable net profit


Written Business Plan
You are required to produce a detailed, written business plan. Furthermore:

• Substantiate and support ALL comments with reliable and valid sources
• Read your student handbook regarding the accepted referencing style
• Read your student handbook regarding the appropriate use of appendices
• Read your student handbook regarding the accepted presentation regarding: fonts, alignment and spacing, heading, page numbers etc.
Demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements of an effective, efficient and informative business plan

You are also strongly advised to ensure that your work is proof read in order to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors

Business Plan should be no longer than 2000 words

Module Learning Outcomes:

Produce a detailed written business plan for a small business containing all of the information necessary to fully evaluate the proposed venture

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