Enterprise Architecture

Mandatory requirements :  


  • Create a hypothetical organization for the group to use as base for subsequent group assignments.
  • I want you to write the two group assignments listed bellow WEEK5 AND WEEK 6
  • Also I will provide the previous assignments ( ASSIGMENT 3 )that the group did as well as the Instructor comments on the last assignment.
  • You have to read the comments and modify the last assignment based on the comments ( updated version of the last assignment ) under file name: ( PROF COMMENT )
  • I will attach an example of WEEK6 assignment so I want you to follow the same format of the sample
  • Please follow the same APA FORMATTING SAMPLE attached.



Week 5 Group Assignment: Justifying Organization’s Enterprise Architecture Program



Is to provide a justification to the COO (Chief Operation Officer) on why the organization should use the enterprise architecture practice to guide the business transformation and improve the business’s effectiveness, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Is to create a business case for an Enterprise Architecture Program.


  1. Use the SWOT analysis you conducted in Assignment 1 (week 2) to identify the drivers, the applications, the challenges, and the benefits of Enterprise Architecture for business transformation initiatives.
  2. Identify the impact (organization structure, integration with other management frameworks, etc.), and investment required to implement Enterprise Architecture practice (monetary and non- monetary).
  3. Identify the roles and responsibilities of Enterprise Architects in any business transformation initiatives.
  4. Identify the mandate that should be given to Enterprise Architecture, and commitment required from senior management to ensure effectiveness of the Enterprise Architecture Program.
  5. Make sure you use your organization context in steps 1 to 4.
    1. Try to avoid any generic statements.
    2. Link everything to what you have built thus far in Assignment 1 through 4.


Learning Outcome(s):

  • Market Enterprise Architecture practice for an organization.
  • Integrate Enterprise Architecture within an organization.
  • Define the scope of Enterprise Architecture work.



  • Adding to assignment 3 (week 4), create sections to include your business case for implementing an Enterprise Architecture practice within your organization based on the instructions listed above.
  • You need to resubmit an updated version of assignment 3 (week 4), with the added sections related to this assignment.



Week 6 Group Assignment: Creating Business Motivation Model 




To document the organization’s vision, mission, goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics using a standard model.


  1. Read the Business Motivation Model (BMM) guide (attached with this assignment), and use only use vision, mission, goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics. Don’t include the directives and business rules mentioned in the BMM guide.
  2. Document organization’s vision.
  3. Document organization’s mission.
  4. Document organization’s goals.
  5. Document organization’s strategies.
  6. Document organization’s objectives (SMART).
  7. Document organization’s tactics.
  8. Make sure you use the organization you created in Assignment 1 (week 2)


Learning Outcome(s):

  • Document the organization’s vision, mission, goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics.




  • Adding to assignment 4 (week 5), create sections to include your organization’s BMM based on the instructions listed above.
  • You need to resubmit an updated version of assignment 4 (week 5), with the added sections related to this assignment.


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