ENGLISH 104 (Introduction to Film)

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Please use the following checklist when writing your essays to ensure that the following mistakes do not occur. Marks will be deducted if these or other errors appear. Check the Blackboard English 104 site under writing resources (learn.unbc.ca) for additional support or contact the Academic Success Centre.
1) Paginate your paper starting with the first page of the essay (do not just write a page number by hand.)
2) **Remember to use the present tense (not the past tense) when writing about film or literature. Although it is sometimes possible to use other tenses, the present tense should dominate. (e.g. In one scene Jack tries (NOT TRIED) to be a caring individual. )
3) Do not use colloquial or informal language and avoid contractions. (e.g. “isn’t” or “can’t”. Avoid the use of the second person “you” (e.g. “when you watch The Fisher King” you see the colour red). Use the third person construction (“The Fisher King makes frequent use of the colour red . . .” ) instead.
4) Use language which is gender inclusive: e.g. people, individuals rather than man to designate people in general. An exception to this practice would apply to a direct citation from a text or dialo

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