Energy efficiency and public transportation

This proposal will be for a research paper about energy efficiency and public transportation, please speak of how public transportation helps converge energy and speak of its positive affect it has on the world
• Project title
• Specific objectives in bullet format (where you’re going)
• Preliminary outline of paper, IN TABLE OF CONTENT FORMAT (how you’re going to get there)
• Evidence of preliminary library and literature research. This should include a list of library references (minimum of ten relevant peer-reviewed, archival, referred journal articles or technical reports).
• NOTE: The references must be submitted using the proper TRB reference format described later (do not simply paste TRID results).

• Title (tentative)
• Motivation, why is this topic interesting/important? – Are you interested in this topic?
• What do you want to do?Specificgoals?
• Tasks and Tentative Schedule
– How are going to make it happen?
– Data?


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