End of live

After watching the 3 videos, please discuss the following: Answer the question with the answer number. Cite your referent.

1. What are some the the societal issues in end of life care? 
2. On the whole, do most Americans have unrealistic views of the prognosis of CPR, feeding tubes, intubation etc? Why? Give some specific examples. 
3. How does the media impact the patient’s/family’s view of the end of life care, extraordinary measures and advanced directives?
4. Does the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare”, address end of life issues? Does it have “death panels” or is this a myth?
5. What is the role of the nurse advocate in dealing with end of life issues? What did you learn about discussing end-of-life issues and how will you apply this? 
6. What are your personal end of life care wishes? How have your expressed these to others? Do you have any formal directives? If so, which ones? If not, why not?
7. What did you think of these videos? Have they changed or strengthened your view of end of life issues? Would you recommend these to others?


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