Elements to develop a six session Christ-centered psycho-educational process group program

You are to develop a six session Christ-centered psycho-educational process group program with these elements:
a. Purpose – Briefly state the purpose of your program in 1 or 2 sentences (e.g., “this program is designed to…”)
b. Population – Now be specific. Tell for whom this group is intended. Include age range of
group members, gender, developmental aspects, and identifying characteristics or criteria.
Do not include material from the theoretical approach.
c. Rationale – What is the focal problem? Define and explain. Why is there a need for some form of treatment for this population and problem? Why is the group approach a more viable form of treatment than individual therapy?
d. Theoretical Approach – What approach(s) will you use in your program? Be specific.
Describe the reason(s) this choice is a good one.
e. Integration – What techniques, activities, formatting, etc. will you use to incorporate JudeoChristian themes, values and purpose into the group?
f. Recruitment – How will you “get the word out” about your group? What time frame will you use to fill slots (how long will you recruit).
g. Screening – How will you select (or de-select) members for your group? Indicate any format you will use. Include a copy of any pre-test, intake form, or any other form in the Appendix.
h. Structure – State the day and time, duration (# of hours and sessions), open/closed, and frequency of the group meetings. Include the size of the group and where you suggest this group should meet.
i. Pre/Post Group Meetings – Indicate your plan for pre- and post-group meetings. Include date, time, and place. Specify what you plan to do in these meetings.
j. Goals – What are your goals for this group? It is important that you have goals in mind before you organize the group. Indicate whether you want members to suggest goals for the group in addition to your goals for the group and any individual goals they may have. Do not copy from text.
k. Ground Rules – What rules do you think need to be implemented to insure that the group functions to its highest potential? Will you establish the ground rules as the leader? Will group members have input into ground rules?
l. Ethical Issues – What ethical issues are inherent in your group work? How will you handle the issues of confidentiality, informed consent, parental permission, etc.? You must include a copy of any forms you will use in the Appendix. Are there ethical issues that are specific to your group (population) or to techniques that you may use?
m. Multicultural Issues – What multicultural issues can you anticipate? How do you plan to address any issues that arise? How will you handle diversity? Are there specific issues that might arise in your group given the problem and the population you have chosen?
n. Group Leader – What is the role of the group leader? What qualifications are necessary?
What style of group leadership best suits the group (e.g., active? non-directive? etc.).
o. Risks and Benefits – What are the potential risks and benefits of group work in general and of your group specifically?
p. Evaluation – How will you evaluate the efficacy of the group experience? An evaluation form is mandatory. Include a copy of your evaluation form in the Appendix.
q. Group Sessions – For each session: Describe the goal(s) Describe what you might expect to be difficulties or strengths. List the discussion topics for each week. (You do not need to develop the lessons, just the outline). For each session, describe at least one activity or group technique you will use.


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