Educational Issue in Nursing.

Please Use ONE PAGE respond TO PART ONE of this assignment and 
use the Second page to respond to PART TWO do case study or CONCEPT MAP. 
Please site all sources in APA format. 
There are two parts to this assignment, first part is to respond to the question below; and the second part is to create a case study or a concept map, please see reading required attached and all the website listed below to use in completing part 2 of this assignment.

Part one: 
Think about your baccalaureate degree education through ISU. Do you feel you are prepared to practice according to the expectations of a bachelor’s prepared nurse? Do you feel you were provided with educational experiences that enable you to have the knowledge of the competencies outlined by the IOM and QSEN? You do not have to write a book, just give a little feedback!

Refer to the article by Inna Popil concerning case studies and the article by Laura Clayton concerning concept mapping from this week’s reading assignment in order to complete part two. There are also resources listed below to help you.

Part two: 
Pretend you are precepting a new graduate nurse or a new hire on your unit. Create a case study OR a concept map that pertains to a concept of your choice that will help the new graduate/new hire nurse to learn more about the patients he or she will need to care for on your unit. This concept could be anything ranging from a particular category of medications used often with some examples of drug names, to a patient diagnosis that is often encountered on your unit, to a pathophysiological concept. Be creative and have fun! Attach your case study or concept map to the discussion board, as they may be helpful to others as well.

Information pertaining to concept maps can be found at

Read about how to create a concept map:

Please assess this website for some example of concept maps:


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