Dweck, Carol. Mindset: The new psychology of success

This short paper is designed to help students stay on track during the research process and to begin work on their final paper. Students should have completed most of their research and reading before submitting this paper. The content of this paper can be used directly in the final product, and would not be considered an act of self-plagiarism. Because this paper requires full MLA/APA formatting, this will be an opportunity to practice using these formatting styles and receive feedback.
Before beginning work on this paper, you should have completed background reading and initial research to identify and finalize your topic/thesis for this the Final Project.
For C-level work in this part of the rubric, you must find and include a minimum of 4 articles (or other sources, such as films, videos, news reports, lectures, etc.)
For A-level work, you’ll need 6 or more of these sources.
As one of your sources, you must cite and read at least one book related to your chosen topic
As one of your sources, you must read, and cite at least one peer-reviewed journal article
Alternatively, you may select two complete books to read. This would replace the requirements for including a peer reviewed Journal article AND five outside sources
If you are interested in this option, please see the instructor for more information.
This option may be preferred for students majoring in English and other Humanities Disciplines.
Full reference list including all articles you’ve found (even if you may not directly cite them in your final draft)
200-500 word description of each article and its major themes including 1-2 significant quotes or paraphrased passages for each.
Even though your final project may not be in the form of a research paper, this paper must be submitted in the format of a formal academic essay. Multimedia submissions will NOT be accepted for credit.
Use full MLA or APA formatting this includes a coverpage, running head, works cited/reference list, in-text citations, approved fonts and font sizes, and other elements that are required for these two styles.
Consult the Purdue OWL for details on what’s required for each type of paper.
OWL’s MLA Sample Paper
OWL’s APA Sample Paper
This paper must be submitted in a single document in *.docx (Microsoft Word Document) format. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will lose points.

If you have any questions about any component of this assignment, please see the instructor at least three days before it’s due. Waiting for a question to be answered is not sufficient reason to adjust the course policy around late work.
Late Passes may be used with all parts of the assignment EXCEPT for the Final Project and Self-Evaluation. That submission will NOT be accepted late.
If you plan to submit your project in a multimedia format, please be sure to both watch the Kaltura Tutorial linked in BbLearn (and here: https://mediaspace.nau.edu/media/Kaltura+for+Students/0_v4b25jxg ) and upload your media files via Kaltura ONLY. Other formats may not be accepted/graded for credv


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