Dominant / Indigenous Knowledge

This short essay should be around 1500 words (please do your best to keep within 10% of this either way. Failure to do so may impact on your grade. This 1500 does not include references but does include citations). Please make your essay a word document, with size 12 font Times New Roman or Arial, 1.5or double line spaced. Please put the essay question at the start, do not change the question,

Rains was quoted as asking ‘Whose knowledge counts? Who decides?’ (Rains 2002, p.320). 

The concepts below have different influences on knowledge. Knowledge plays an important role in shaping society. Choose one (or more) of these concepts and explain its influence in shaping knowledge that influences Australian society. Use specific examples in your answer. 

• Ethnocentrism

• Enlightenment rationality

• Othering

• Hegemony

• Indigenous knowledge

As with any academic essay you will need to:

• Use citations to evidence / support claims that you make (according to the Harvard style)

• List all citations in a reference list alphabetically (according to the Harvard style)

• Answer the set question

• Have a clear structure, with a clear introduction and conclusion

• Make a case for your point

Write in an academic style

4. Dominant / indigenous knowledge
• A class half full: Australia’s missing indigenous scholars:
(NB this is a newspaper article so does not count as an academic source, but is good to get you thinking)
• What is indigenous knowledge? voices from the academy / edited by Ladislaus M. Semali, Joe L. Kincheloe
• Apfell-Marglin, F. ‘Introduction: Rationality in the World’ in Decolonizing Knowledge: From Development to Dialogue, pp.1-12
• Living wisdom : Aborigines and the environment
• Davis, Mark – ‘The enduring politics of us and them’ (from The Land of Plenty)
• Singh, Parlo 2001, ‘Speaking about Cultural Difference and School Disadvantage. An Interview study of ‘Samoan’ Paraprofessionals in Designated Disadvantaged Schools in Australia’, British Journal of Sociology Education, vol. 22, no.3, pp.317-337.
• Lewis, ‘Ecological and Technological Knowledge of Fire: Aborigines Versus Park Rangers in Northern Australia’, American Anthropologist (this is not a library link and you may need to search it on the library website)
• Hill, ‘Globalization or indigenization: New alignments between knowledge and culture’
 Francis Adyanga Akena. ‘Critical Analysis of the Production of Western Knowledge and Its Implications for Indigenous Knowledge and Decolonization’;43/6/599

 Neale, T., McKinnon, C. and Vincent, E. (eds.) 2014, History, Power, Text: Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies
 Walter, M., 2010, ‘The Politics of the Data: How the Australian Statistical Indigene is Constructed’, International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp.45 – 56.
 Pechenkina, E., Kowal, E. and Paradies, Y., 2011, ‘Indigenous Australian Students’ Participation Rates in Higher Education: Exploring the Role of Universities’, The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, Vol. 40, pp.59 – 68.;dn=610573444393708;res=IELIND
General information:
 NIRAKN – National Indigenous Research and Knowledge Network


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