Document of Case Based Precedence about Reinforced concrete Frame.

Interim Assessment. Document of Case Based Precedence about Reinforced concrete Frame. 5 Case Study should be relevant to the project, which is construction of six storey, two floors of RC Frame car park and the other floors is steel frame. my part focus in the 2 floors of RC frame car park, develop a study, analysis and review on why I choose a typical mixture of RC that have been used in the case study and it has been successful, buildings that used slabs concrete in their car park structure. Analysis the slabs (dimension, width, depth, height, thickness,..) same goes to the columns, beams…, trying to make the spice less column to fit more cars as possible.
• The time of the construction is important
1-must be in-situ reinforced concrete and the management of shell and core.
2- including calculations
3- mentions the health and safety.
4- most important thing for the client is the time then cost the quality
• Include the formwork process
• Involving carillon point parking structure, Kirkland Washington and Cambridge Centre north garage, Massachusetts and ben Taub general hospital parking garage, Houston, Texas case study apparently they have used the cast-in-place concrete and post-tensioned floor slabs
• Example of pictures of the trucks, formwork, slabs,…
• Need referencing for every picture.
• Simple words.
Including some picture (need the source beside it), should mention the time of every process, like how long they toke to finish construction the slabs,.., how many workers does it need, the budget of the materials and quality.
Our building we used the column as 0.45mx0.45m; the distance between every column is 7.5m x 10m.
Dimension of the building is 119.7m x 31.8m. So the space between columns from 119.7m side is 7.5m, and from 31.8m sides are 10m.


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