DNP 644 Reflection team work

Objective: The purpose of this 2-week module is to examine and explore broad theories of various groups, group formation, and group dynamics,

Chapters 11, 12, 14 from Borkowski, N., & Deckard, G. J. (2014). Case studies in organizational behavior and theory for health care. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 978-1-4496-3428-5
Carlock, R. S. (2012). Assessment tools for developing and leading effective teams. Available at:
Gratton, L., & Erickson, T. J. (2007, November). Eight ways to build effective teams. Harvard Business Review, 1-11.
Druskat, V. U., & Wolff, S. B. (2001, March). Building the emotional intelligence of groups. Harvard Business Review, 80-90.

Supplemental Reading
From outside sources, examine other articles, textbooks, web sites, etc that discuss team composition and group dynamics. You should select a minimum of 3 and utilize that information as you complete the forum question. You may not cite the overview document as one of your 3 outside references.

Assignment: Reflection (Due at end of week 7, Feb. 21). Submit a 2-4 page document (double-spaced) that provides a personal reflection on what you have learned during this module on team work. It is a good idea to keep a journal throughout the course to help you reflect on what you are learning, so that the paper you provide synthesizes the pivotal experiences and learning. As you reflect, also look ahead to your plans for where you want to focus as you continue to develop your skills in the DNP essentials related to Organizational behavior. It is ok to include references, but the focus should be on your own personal experience and what you are learning


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