Diversity of UCSB in 50 years

Write two pages of fiction about UCSB in 50 years. Concentrate on diversity and share what you imagine. Use at least three of these prompts.

What do the students look like?
What do the faculty and staff look like?
How do people get along?
What sort of research are departments engaged in?
What problems are professors working on?
What identities are being affirmed and celebrated on campus both visible and unseen?
How do people react when there is violence or injustice in their communities?
Finish up with a response to this prompt. You can either address it as something that you did here in 2015 or something that the author (50-years into future) is doing to support diversity.

What role do you play in shaping this future?
If you’d like, you can write as if you are a new transfer student of 50 years in the future sending a letter home to your family.

Content. Where we are with diversity.
No assignment submitted.
Poor. Submission did not consider what UCSB would look like in 50 years.
Fair. The reader can imagine parts of UCSB in the future, but many details missing. Perhaps only two prompts addressed.
Good. Many details given about future UCSB, but some areas still hard to imagine.
Excellent. Reader can very clearly imagine a future UCSB from the submission. Many details given. At least three prompts addressed.
Content. What role do you play in shaping the future?
No assignment submitted.
Poor. The submission did not consider one’s role in shaping the future.
Fair. Some consideration of one’s role in shaping the future, but many details missing.
Good. The submission considered one’s role in the future, but some details missing.
Excellent. Thorough and careful consideration of one’s role in shaping the future. Many details given.
Overall style and originality.
No assignment submitted.
Poor. The assignment was not written as a piece of fiction. No new ideas about diversity.
Fair. Submission written as a piece of fiction, but description of future UCSB not original.
Good. Assignment gives some original ideas into what UCSB could look like,
Excellent. Assignment gives a unique perspective into what UCSB in 2065 could look like. Many original ideas.
Writing Quality. Did the assignment contain grammatical/spelling errors?
No assignment submitted.
Poor writing quality (many errors that disrupt clarity and flow of assignment).
Fair writing quality (noticeable errors throughout).
Good writing quality (several small errors that don’t detract from overall quality).
Excellent writing quality.


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