Distance learning course assignment

Voice Talent needed for Distance Learning Courses We’re looking for male and female voice talent to record narration for web-based distance learning courses. We have several projects and looking to identify male and female voice talent to use on an on-going basis. All courses are custom designs for commercial, military, and federal clients. Your work: Record professional quality audio files Master tracks prior to delivery Record changes to script To apply: -send sample of your work

SCIKIT-LEARN– EUCLIDEAN DISTANCE-SIMILARITY SEARCH- AS A GOOGLE CLOUD FUNCTION cannot make SCIKIT-LEARN work on google cloud app engine standard environment. keeps giving errors of not being installed properly. need to use it as a cloud function separately. this is whats needed : 1) need it to get a list of ‘queries’ from a form and do sth like this. in this case, not print but return euclidean distances of the queries from each other. query=request.form[‘query’] vectorizer = CountVectorizer() features=vectorizer.fit_transform(corpus).todense() print( vectorizer.vocabulary_ ) euclid_distance=[] i=0; for f in features: x=euclidean_distances(features[0],f) euclid_distance.append((x[0],i)) i =i+1 print(euclidean_distances(features[0],f))

CFA charted needed to teach me CFA level 2 privately with long distance learning ( online) CFA with experience in finance and financial analysis

distance measurement tool with arduino Hi Guys, im looking to build something like the cinetape or focusbug.com system. (https://www.focusbug.com/) it measure distance to objects in realtime.. and give a measurement in a readout. Im looking for someone how cand build such a system in arduino. so this is what i would need: – need an arduino – need the wirless transmitters to give (for actors) they are called th efocus bugs. (https://www.focusbug.com/bug-tx-1) – you need to be able to make the complete system. i have 500,- us dollars for this project. please let me know if you are capable, thanks kind regards, tein

JOURNAL PRINTING. – Looking for someone who can help me take a design for a journal, into a format that it printable and make a recommendation/help determine where is the best choice to print. – Strong English language skills required. – I have designed the journal but the way it prints isn’t working for me, I have the content but need someone experienced in the design aspect.

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