Discuss the post-Confederation history of the Maritime Provinces, with some reflection on the region’s connection to Newfoundland and Labrador

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Discuss one of the following topics:

  • The Acadians (EX: What inspired the Acadian Renaissance? How revolutionary was the Robichaud Revolution?)
  • Impact of industrialization on workers (EX: Workplace reform)
  • Idea of collective Maritime Action (EX: Maritime Rights Movement, Atlantic Revolution)
  • Women’s Movements (EX: First Wave/Second Wave feminism, suffrage)
  • Social Reform Movement (EX: Urban Planning, The Halifax Explosion, Prohibition)
  • Impact of World War One or World War Two on the region (political, economic, or social)
  • The idea (myth?) of Maritime “underdevelopment” (EX: National Policy? And World War II?)
  • Coal industry (EX: development of the industry itself; coal miners’ experiences; women’s experiences in coal towns)
  • The Atlantic fishery (EX: Modernization of; the collapse of)
  • Newfoundland’s Confederation
  • Agricultural history (EX: modernization of farming)
  • Ecological impact of industrial development (EX: hydroelectric dams)

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