Differences in Politics and Religion

Essay: Differences in Politics and Religion :Politics and religion result in many differences between countries and regions. Write an essay that compares and contrasts life in Asia from/to life in the US in regard to politics and religion. Within Asia, you can focus on a country or region of your choosing. Deliverablesa 750- to 1000-word essay Activity DetailsPerform the following steps: Step 1: Research. Choose a country or regions within Asia. Using print, Internet, and other sources, research the major aspects of contemporary political and religious life in Asia and the United States. Be sure to note how daily life is affected by these aspects. Step 2: Summarize Using your research, summarize the key aspects of political and religious life in Asia and the US and compare these to one another. Step 3: Outline Begin by outlining your essay. It is suggested that you begin by describing and commenting on political and religious life in Asia and the US separately, and then end by providing a comparison between the two. Step 4: Write your essay. Using your outline, write your essay. Begin with a focused analysis of the US and Asia separately and then compare them to one another. Your essay should be at least 750 words and no more than 1000.

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