Developing the Marketing Communication

Essay/Article -Developing the Marketing Communication Brief (1000 words)
You are required to design a Marketing Communication Brief based on a viable and realistic Campaign that would last over a 12 month period (A calendar year). You need to engage with your tutor in order to be clear of what is required. All communications should be via university email system. 

The Marketing Communication Campaign Brief – should have the theoretical underpinning supported with credible sources. 

What sort of campaign? Who is your primary target audience? What is your rationale? What role are you playing? You should select an industry, institution or theme; a small-to medium sized business; a cause, charity or social enterprise or an option agreeable with the tutors, for example a “live project” that needs assistance or your input. 

You must avoid any large brands, unless there is a local or regional focus. Keep it simple and realistic. 

1 You are required to research into an industry or area in which you will base your marketing communications plan and campaign. 
2 You are required to undertake secondary research based on the module’s content. This must include a situational analysis on your chosen industry and market.
3 The Marketing Communication Brief should be attached in the appendices. This should be presented in the format that would be presented to a client or stakeholder. There should be clear cross – referencing to the main content. 

This assignment will develop your initial understanding, knowledge and ability to apply marketing communications theory & concepts, which meet the learning outcomes of the module. Best of all we hope it will be an effective learning tool. 
You are expected to identify and analyse the effectiveness of marketing communication tools, processes and techniques; show an appreciation of integrated marketing communications; be able to discern and understand the use of media in meeting marketing communication objectives; provide examples of/ and offer solutions to marketing communication problems/opportunities. Please note (Learning outcomes assessed 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)


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