Develop a Logic Model for Evaluating Correctional Officers

Please read carefully and follow the format:

Written Assignment Part 1
A common rational policy-making approach involves the formulation of logic models. The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of the best ways to evaluate the performance of an entire organization. By developing a logic model for an organization, we can better determine the goals of the organization and whether they meet the demands of the constituent stakeholders. The most effective evaluation models are those that properly align the needs of the constituent stakeholders with the desired outcomes and measurable outputs of the organization.

First, select a law enforcement agency of your choice. The organization can be your current employer, your school’s security department, or any other law enforcement agency that you are familiar with.

Written Assignment Part 2
Next, follow the steps by fully completing Worksheet for Building Logic Models (Template 1). Then transpose the information onto Logic Model Template 2. Submit both templates to the Assignment Dropbox.
In developing your logic model, you must follow the following steps in order:
• Determine the needs of the stakeholders.
• Develop the desired outcomes.
• Determine the available inputs.
• Determine the activities.
• Develop the outputs.
• Develop the goals.


Step 1: Identify ONE Problem (the Stakeholder Community Need)

Example: Unemployed persons lack the means of transportation to commute from their domicile to their place of work.

Step 2: Determine the Outcomes

(Use the SMART approach for determining the outcomes).

Short Term: 

Long Term:

Step 3: Identify the Inputs (available resources)

Step 4: Determine the Activities (the things that need to be done to accomplish the outcomes) 

Step 5: Determine the Output measurements (these are the measures of the activities)

Step 6: Goal Statement (this is basically a re-wording of Step 1)
Example: To provide unemployed persons the means of transportation to commute from their domicile to their place of work.

Transpose the above onto the Logic Model (Template 2).

Name of Organization: 

Program Goal: 

Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes
Short Term Long Term

Stakeholder Community Needs Data Source Data Collection Method

• ______________________________________

• ______________________________________

• ______________________________________

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