Determine the immigration policy and how the immigration policy influence the economy

Please use the STATA resources from, as the basic one, and put the STATA resources from, specially the unemployment into the basic one’s panel. Thats my supervisor told me, so you have to included those things. Moreover, you can add more resources to support the analysis. Thanks very much.

And my whole ideal of my dissertation is through the resources from STATA, you should pick up some data to analysis what determine the immigration policy and how the immigration policy influence the economy. It should include introduction, background, literature review, main part(analysis and own opinion), conclusion.

Finally, you should put the STATA panel, not the command, is the data table included different country and their condition(whole table relate to the resources you pick) into the dissertation, it can be a picture or others you choice, and have an other file is the do file of the STATA.

The STATA panel should base on the first resources and add others into it.

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