Descriptive Essay on Kalahari Waterpark Located Ohio Michigan

Descriptive Essay on Kalahari Waterpark Located Ohio Michigan
write a 275 word descriptive essay on kalahari waterpark. Essay must be as if I visited there. Must use descriptive words in this essay.
For example:

telling: The building was decrepit and the environment was not conducive to learning.

showing: It is a large stone building, cold and drafty, crammed to overflowing with boisterous, ill-disciplined children.

Subjective description, on the other hand, uses the non-sensory, subjective content of the person, place, event or object that is being described. For example:

sensory/subjective: The piercing eyes of the statue of liberty reveal the steadfast convictions of the American people.

subjective: The strong silent presence of the Lady of the Harbor has given hope to millions of those leaving their homes to find something in America.

Organizational Strategies

Spatial Order: top/bottom, front/back, near/far, left/right.


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