Defining and Understanding Terrorism

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To even begin to understand terrorism, therefore, the first question that must be asked – and answered – is “What is terrorism?” What makes some action an act of terrorism as opposed to a pedestrian level crime of the same behavior? If I kill someone, what makes it a terrorist assassination as opposed to a mere homicide? What makes the taking of another person a terrorist abduction as opposed to a kidnapping? Many definitions of terrorism, especially international terrorism, exist. The U.S. government alone has been credited with having at least a dozen different definitions espoused by various laws and government departments and agencies. From the definition of terrorism contained in the reading (Giduck) develop your own definition and explain why it is superior to that of the U.S. government. Your definition, while complete, must be as succinct as possible

  • Identify the nature of the threat from terrorism – both domestic and international forms.
  • Identify the social, political and psychological motivations for terrorism.
  • Describe the types of terrorism.
  • Compare and contrast domestic with international terrorism.
  • Describes strategies used to assess the threat of terrorism and vulnerability.
  • Describe strategies for counterterrorism and homeland security.
  • Describe strategies for mitigation, preparation, response and recovery for events of terrorism.
  • Identify and describe the public policy approaches to terrorism

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