Data Response/Financial Analysis for NIKE

You will be required to Extend your research on financial analysis of the performance of your company (NIKE) to include financial and non-financial performance indicators by designing a balanced scorecard covering two (2) perspectives, analysis the two balance score cards and evaluate the technique used. Your approach to this task must reflect your ability to carry out research, understand key principles in financial management and apply these to a case study. The outcome of this task should be in the form of a detailed and structured report addressed to the directors of your chosen organisation. You must also include evidence of your research materials including full workings of your financial analysis in the appendix sections of your assignment. (I’ve done some of the ratios calculations on excel sheet that i will upload for the writers. can you check if it is correct so far. in the order i put 10 references however you can use as many references as you want.less than 10 even.) 
Will be uploading more files later for requirements, rubric and the excel sheet


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