Data Analysis and Conclusions

Order Instructions:

Based on the uploaded document (DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS PLAN) and the Excel Table with the interviews done, is requested to this order:

• Complete the table with additional data based on the trend from the available data for each question. Current we have 10 interview data from top level management, but its is required 28 that can be created to reflect the “opinion” from low level management (Department heads as finance, risk, product development, Channels, Audit, etc.).
• Data Analysis as per the uploaded document structure (DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS PLAN)
• Findings and Conclusions

• The requested writer should evaluate and indicate along the Quotation stage, how many pages it will be required to complete this order based on the above points.
• This Order Should be Produced by The Writer A2683 that did the Data Collection And Analysis Plan and all related material previous review.
• The developed material should match the uploaded files (DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS PLAN and Dissertation Proposal v10 (also uploaded as reference)


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