Cultural Geography Unit 2 Scholarly Activity

Unit II Scholarly Activity
Cultural Interview
Pick a person to interview who has had a different cultural experience than you. Maybe the person or person’s family is
from a different region or country. Other forms of diversity or difference are acceptable too. You may interview someone of
any age, and it is OK if he or she is a co-worker, neighbor, friend, relative, spouse, or someone else you know. However,
please keep in mind the spirit of the assignment. If you are interviewing someone you know well, please work hard in the
interview to gain a deeper insight and appreciation for their experience.
Please conduct the interview face-to-face, through Skype/Face Time, or over the phone. The interview should be a
minimum of 20 minutes long. Please take notes during the interview. If the interviewee gives you permission, you can
record the interview to help you later when writing your assignment. It is not required to record or video tape the interview.
You will not be turning in any recordings. You will be turning in a written assignment based on your interview.
Written Assignment Overview: Write a two-page essay about your interview experience. Your essay should include an
introduction of your interviewee, summary of the interview answers in essay format, discussion of how the interview
content relates to course concepts, and a final section with some concluding thoughts about the interview experience. You
will be required to use the following headings: Introduction, Summary of Interview, Culture & Geography, and Conclusion.
Note: Click on the link below to view a document which contains an explanation of the requirements for the assignment
sections, a list of questions that you can pick from, and pointers on conducting a successful interview.


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