Critically analyse this aim in relation to competing and contrasting theories relevant

please note that i have another essay investigating the mindset, but this essay only need to investigate the theories relevant to victimology. and i have three essays in the same topic but for three different students. 

One of the aims of the Abu Dhabi policing strategy is to provide a good quality of service to all victims of crime. Critically analyse this aim in relation to competing and contrasting theories relevant to victimology. 

The structure of the CW2 as follow 
1. Introduction (10%) of your word count include descriptive context and wide range of references
2. Then need to add the main argument of the essay: e.g. this essay that …. (+why) 2 sentences. 
3. Then the essay need to show the main structure of the essay through few sentences
– Exactly what topics are you going to discuss and in what order. 
E.g. this essay will firstly critically analyse schema theory followed by critical discussion of …. 
4. The main context of the study should be as follow 
1. Descriptive: wide range of academic sources such as Neville (2015)
2. Analysis – study conclusion: need to highlight who agrees 2 or 3 others plus why, and who disagree and why. The discussion need to be critical so include the positive side, and the limitations, validity, and generalisation of the study. 
5. References supports


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