Critical Analysis

Choose one of the two Capella library articles listed below (and linked in Resources) to review. Notice that one addresses a quantitative approach and the other a qualitative approach in the research design addressing a specific question: (This is the article here)

Lilleoere and Hansen’s 2011 article, “Knowledge-Sharing Enablers and Barriers in Pharmaceutical Research and Development,” in the Journal of Knowledge Management, volume 15, issue 1, pages 53�70.

After you have read the chosen article, you are required to write a critical analysis. The paper must be 4�6 pages, excluding title and reference page. Your analysis must address the following:

Introduction to the Topic.

Problem Statement.

Represents some gap in the knowledge base and understanding about a real-world phenomenon (a business problem or opportunity).
Presented in statement format.

Academic Justification.

Why this problem is worth researching?

What is the scholarly justification (rationale) for researching this problem (whose research is the learner building upon)?

Literature Review
Provide a summary of those critical (major) authors writing in this field.

Research Questions.

What is the specific research question or questions?

Methodological Choice.
What is the research design used to answer the research question and how does the method align with the research question?

What are the key findings of the research?

What fell closely outside of the boundaries of the findings based on the study limitations that can be a springboard for future research?

What are the implications and contributions of the research findings to scholarship and practice?


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