Creating a Process Description

Order Description

Complete this assignment by doing the following:<br />
<br />
Read pages 1 to 16 in the Aircraft Accident Report of Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 in December 2005, found here. This section of the report will give you a brief introduction to the events surrounding the accident. (I will attached the file)<br />
<br />
Choose one of the following processes referenced in the report for which you will create a process description:<br />
Runway Snow Removal/Deicing<br />
Operation of the Thrust Reverser System<br />
Operation of the Autobraking System<br />
Operation of the OPC<br />
Calculation of Landing Distances<br />
<br />
Continue reading the Aircraft Accident Report as needed to get more details surrounding the process you chose in No. 2 above. For example, if you chose “Operation of the Thrust Reverser System,” you will need to read on pages 21 to 23 to learn more about SWA’s procedures regarding the use of this system. (Hint: Reference the Table of Contents to see where your chosen process is referenced in the report to read the relevant sections).<br />
<br />
Create the following elements of a process description for your chosen process:<br />
Purpose<br />
Stakeholders<br />
Responsibility<br />
Procedure Description/Flowchart<br />
Process Measures<br />
Assessment<br />
<br />
Details of how to create each of these elements can be found on pages 183 to 192 of Safety Management Systems in Aviation. If you need review on how to create these elements, a sample is also found in your text on pages 193 to 199. (I will attach all this pages)

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