Create a Windows shell script that does all of the following

1. Name your script as follows (where Last and First are replaced by your last and first name):
2. Start your script with a command to prevent the display of script statements to the screen during execution
3. Next, insert a comment block (similar to the example on p. 61 of chapter 3) with the script name, your name, date, and a description of this script
4. Check to see if a folder named “logfiles” exists in the C:Scripts folder. If it does not exist, create it.
5. Declare a variable called “dest” and set it to be equal to C:Scriptslogfilesuserinfo.log
6. Prompt the user to enter their name and store their name in a variable
7. Write the user’s name (that you just prompted them to enter) to the first line of userinfo.log (Important: if userinfo.log exists, you should overwrite the existing contents with their name in this step; however, for all other steps below make sure you append to the file so that you do not overwrite any information you have already written to the file)
8. Print a blank line to userinfo.log
9. Prompt the user to input a number between 1 and 9 and store it in a variable
10. If the user entered a number less than 5, print the statement “The number you entered, ‘num’, is a small number” to the file userinfo.log (replacing ‘num’ with the number they entered; otherwise, print the statement “The number you entered, ‘num’, is a large number” to the file userinfo.log (use an IF / ELSE statement to accomplish this)
11. Print another blank line to userinfo.log
12. Using an environment variable, determine which operating system the user’s computer is running and print a statement to userinfo.log that says “Your operating system is ‘OS'” (replacing ‘OS’ with the operating system you have read from the appropriate environment variable)
13. Print another blank line to userinfo.log
14. Using a FOR loop, write the names of all of the files in the Scripts directory ending with a .bat extension to userinfo.log
15. Go back and add comments before each line of code in your file describing what that line of code does.


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