Couples Therapy Case Analysis and Treatment Plan using Strategic Couples Therapy

Based on a transcript from a couples counseling session, in a 7-page paper, present an analysis of the issues confronting the couple and a treatment plan to address those issues. Use STRATEGIC COUPLES THERAPY as the method of analysis and treatment.

Include the following elements:

-A brief description of the couple and their history.
-A description of the presenting problem.
-An assessment of the couple and if appropriate, a -diagnosis. If you have enough information, you may include a genogram.
-A simple working hypothesis formulated from your assessment. It may or may not match the presenting problem.
-Presentation of your theoretical approach. In this case it is the Strategic Couples Therapy. Use references to document your choice of approach.
-A treatment plan that addresses the hypothesis. Build in feedback mechanisms for re-assessing and testing the hypothesis during treatment.
-Description of the initial phase of treatment including assessment and therapeutic alliance interventions. Any contracting should be noted.
-Specific descriptions of primary interventions. How did you test the effectiveness of interventions?
-How you handled transference and/or counter-transference issues.
-Description of the end stage of therapy. How did you know you were done? How did you address closure? Did you make any referrals?
-Summary of insights gained from this assignment. Cite all references used.

Grading Criteria for Case Analysis and Treatment Plan
Clear analysis and hypothesis 15%
Well constructed and relevant treatment plan 20%
Incorporation of course material and research, describing its clinical
relevance and using it to support your views
Appropriate theory-based interventions 15%
Identification of specific feedback mechanisms 10%
Self awareness displayed in summarization of insights gained 10%
Proper grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation 5%
Correct application of APA style 5%
TOTAL 100%

Use FULL APA Style. CORRECT FORMATTING. First page must have the Running Head in the header but nowhere else, INCLUDE ABSTRACT and do NOT put any references in the abstract. Use proper and scientific language and correct grammar and syntax. Do not use casual expressions or first person in the text and make sure to use politically correct and non-offensive terminology. This is supposed to be platinum quality. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. Always refer to the author in third person. Use sources to relate to everything that you say. Use sources that are from the year 2000 and on. The more recent the better. Make sure all references are cited in the text.

The session transcript will be uploaded soon.


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