Contract- Legal Aspects of Responsible Leadership

This assignment requires you to write a 1000 word original advice to the following scenario:-

For the finale of his TV show “You’re Hired”, Simon wants the boy band No Direction to perform their latest single live on stage for which he will pay each band member £250,000 . As the global popularity of the band is so high Simon knows their appearance is guaranteed to raise viewing figures and advertising revenue worldwide and as a consequence wants to ensure the agreement to perform is enforceable. He is also aware that Payn, one of the band members is unhappy and hopes that a payment of £250,000 for the performance will help him to become more settled. 

As Simons legal advisor advise him

1) Of the requirements of a legally binding contract under English Law 


2) Of the consequences if contrary to the agreement, Payn decided to leave the band without performing 

Please note that this scenario is fictitious and is to be considered and used only for the purpose of academic debate for this assessment.


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