Contemporary Research Topics in International Business

Different speakers present their own point of view on their chosen topic in lectures. However, the broad literature might include alternative, sometimes conflicting, viewpoints. Choose a topic that is directly related to at least one speaker’s presentation in the current module LUBS3815 but NOT to your dissertation in LUBS3321. Review the debate in the extant literature and discuss whether you agree with the speaker(s)’s viewpoint and arguments. The final full research paper should provide a comprehensive account of arguments and counter arguments and concludes with a reflection of the limitation of the existing research. As research should be of relevance to user communities用户群 such as policymakers and managers, the conclusion of the full paper should also include a discussion of the policy and/or practical relevance of the chosen research topic.

Summative assessment: The final assessment takes the form of a full research paper. The structure of the research paper should contain:
The project title highlighting what the research paper is about.
Literature review including the explanation of competing or complementing viewpoints of your chosen research topic and the full evaluation of past and present debates.
Conclusion including a reflection on the limitation of the extant research and the policy and/or practical relevance of the chosen research topic.
The final full paper will be marked according to the following criteria:

Quality of presentation including accuracy and appropriateness of referencing/citation and quality of proof reading
Understanding and applying theories, with the evidence of wide reading and critical engagement of academic papers


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