Contemporary Issues in Tourism Management (accessible tourism)

You should produce an individual literature review (1500 words) which critically evaluates and synthesises alternative views on the contemporary issues identified within accessible tourism. You also need to consider the validity of the research methodology
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
– Theoretical frameworks that underpin research;
– Alternative research methodologies;
Specific Instructions:
Produce a 1,500 word individual literature review in essay format. The essay must use a minimum of 15 academic sources (books, journal articles, research papers) 
Use a 3 part structure:
Part 1
Review of the literature on accessible tourism using at least 15 academic sources. This should include a critical evaluation of the academic writing on the theme, not just a regurgitation of the theories and the issues raised.
Part 2
Select 3 of your journal articles and critique the research methods used. You could compare and contrast them and consider if they are effective in providing convincing conclusions. 
Whilst researching and writing this review, remember to think about whether there is evidence that the theory is applicable in the real world which you can then use in your conference presentation.

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
– Analyse the different theoretical frameworks that underpin research and inform alternative research methodologies;
– Apply their advanced research skills to the field of tourism management and reflect on the outcome.


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