Construction Project Delivery Method (Design/build, Design/bid/build, etc)

Submittal: Upload Word document on the Blackboard
Assigned Grade: 40% of total grade
The assignment requires you to produce information for the following sections. Additionally, please ensure that
the final submitted document is:
 Following established formatting guidelines
 Grammatically correct
 Free from plagiarism
 Provides information in a comprehensible manner
The subsequent section explains the content required.
BCT 478, Fall 2016 2 Dr. Sandeep Langar
1. Project delivery
Select a project delivery that is used within the US and provide reasons for the selection of the project delivery.
After choosing a project delivery, please explain in detail how the selected project delivery operates within the
construction industry and the associated direct and indirect stakeholders for the chosen project delivery.
 Advantages for the selected project delivery (Explain four at least)
 Disadvantages for the selected project delivery (Explain four at least)
2. Case analysis for the Project Delivery
After selecting the project delivery, please identify and present constructed projects where the selected
project delivery succeeded and failed as a detailed case study. For both the cases, (successful and failed)
presented, you will and explain:
 Stakeholders associated with the project (Identify direct and indirect)
 Project Type
 Project location and size
 Owner aspirations
 Stakeholders that made decisions
 Construction methodology
 Reasons for the success/failure of the selected project delivery (most important part)
 Identify strategies in which the failed project could have been made successful (only for failed
 Legal implications for the owner /contractor
3. Contract
After identifying project delivery, please select a contract that you feel compliments the identified project
delivery. Please explain the reasons for selection of a particular contract. Additionally, explain how the contract
aligns with the project delivery. The submission should further identify:
 Advantages for the selected contract (Explain four at least)
 Disadvantages for the selected contract (Explain four at least)
 Advantages with the use of combination of selected Contract and Project Delivery (Explain four at least)
 Disadvantages with the use of combination of selected Contract and Project Delivery (Explain four at
BCT 478, Fall 2016 3 Dr. Sandeep Langar
In this section, you will select two from the case folder. For the selected cases, you will create a FIRAC. The
outline for FIRAC shall consist of:
1. Facts:
a. Present a section that discusses the case facts in detail with proper explanation.
2. Issue:
a. Please explain the question(s) in dispute that the court is determining?
3. Rule(s):
a. Please explain in detail the legal precedent, statute, or common law did the court use to interpret
the facts and justify its conclusion?
4. Analysis:
a. What was the logic of the court in comparing the facts with the rules?
5. Conclusion:
a. Yes or No answer to the Issue question with your thoughts



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