Constitutional Law


Constitutional Law
WORD LIMIT: 2,000 words (Australian Guide to Legal Citation Style AGLC)
Answer the following:
In a recent Council of Australian Government meeting, the Commonwealth and State Governments agreed to try and amend their respective Constitutions to require the representatives of the Queen to be elected by the relevant Parliament.
However, the Premier of Victoria, is not a great supporter of this attempt to ‘politicise’ the position(s) of representative of the Crown, although, they do concur with the proposal arising from the Council of Australian Government meeting.
As such, the Premier has come to seek out your legal advice on the following:
? What process needs to be followed, before such a proposal could take effect as a formal amendment to the Australian Constitution?
? If the Senate were to reject the Government’s proposal, is there anything the Government can do about it?
? What process needs to be followed before such a proposal could take effect as a formal amendment to the Victorian Constitution?

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