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This is my Masters thesis! i just copied and pasted from the internet!! so i need you to do a full paraphrase for all paragraphs and all sentences.
– please rewrite it in a good and clear English. No Grammar mistakes please.
– important!! as u know it’s a masters thesis, so do not use ” i, we, they, you….”
– use same organization.
– you can add anything you see it’s important. Thanks

Engine Technology (automobile or aircraft)

This is for my up division writing class.
1.Abstract [100 words or less]
2.Introduction [300 words] (good solid thesis statement and introduction to topical main points)
3.Body of the paper (Properly titled, paragraph heading for main points, Sub-points, and Support-points)
4.Ethical Issues [about 1.5 pages]
5.Conclusion [about 1 page]
(The individual research project report will be a research paper of at least 2500 words in length prepared in the IEEE Format)

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