Computer Design

Per my Instructor:

For this assignment, imagine that you work for a company called Innovative Games, a leader in 3D gaming titles. Your boss has asked you to design the ultimate gaming computer for your customers. This gaming computer will be sold to your customers to provide them with the best possible experience with 3D titles. In addition, your boss hopes to create a new revenue stream for the computer. She has asked you to consider the following factors in your computer design: 

Cases and form factors.
Power supplies.
Motherboards and buses.

Once you have considered all of these factors, create a design. Propose your design in a document. The audience is your boss and upper management.

Include the following in your proposal as they pertain to your design:

Describe basic computer hardware component standards.
Describe basic hardware devices and their specifications.
Assume that the user needs 100GB of hard disk space for files and games.
Calculate the amount of hard disk space needed when choosing a hard drive. Show that calculation.
Describe characteristics of computer hardware device components.
Describe the device management of different fundamental operating systems.
Describe how the concepts and activities presented in the labs this week relate to this assessment.


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