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Strategic Financial Management

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Caroline Carr

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Company Financial Performance

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This assignment contributes to 50% of the total module marks.


The word limit for the assignment is 3,000 words (+/- 10%)

Note: Footnotes and Bibliography will not be included in the word count but should not be abused.


Learning Outcomes to be assessed

As specified in the validated module descriptor available at:


Learning outcome 1

The ability of students to critically assess, apply and evaluate the issues and techniques of strategic financial management.


Grading Criteria

Please see School’s marking criteria for undergraduate/post graduate assessments on the module Blackboard site. Any additional grading/marking guidance will be posted with assessment task below.


Assessment Task


Part one:

Lovely Ladies Ltd (hereafter referred to as LL) was set up by two friends, Tanya and Vicky in 2010.   They have experience of the fashion industry having spent their entire careers in the world of women’s fashion, both the design and manufacturing aspects. After a series of meetings they decided to set up on their own and created a boutique called Lovely Ladies selling high-end vintage clothing and accessories.


For the first two years they were able to make approximately 75% of the clothing themselves, however, as demand grew they had to outsource the manufacturing aspect of the business to a suitable manufacturer in Asia; this supplier invoices LL in dollars.


The original shop has been exceptionally successful and a second shop was opened in April 2013. However, Tanya and Vicky are aware that in order to maintain their position and consider further growth plans they will have to find additional investment.


The most recent set of financial information is as follows:


Statement of profit and loss for year ended 31 March 2014

£ 000


£ 000

Revenue 756 560
Cost of sales 285 165
Gross profit 471 395
Admin expenses 84 54
Distribution costs 18 12
369 329
Finance costs 85 35
Profit before tax 284 294
Income tax 80 75
Profit for the year 204 219






Statement of financial position as at 31 March 2014
2014 2013
£ 000 £ 000 £ 000 £ 000
Non-current assets
PPE 980 540
Current assets
Inventories 385 85
Trade receivables 26
Cash and cash equivalents 227
  411 312
Total assets 1,391 852
Share capital 150 150
Retained earnings 314 140
Total equity 464 290
Non-current liabilities
Loan repayable 2015 800 500
Current liabilities
Trade payables 62 22
Dividend payable 30 40
Short-term loan 35
  127 62
Total equity and liabilities 1,391   852



Prepare a detailed report (approximately 1,500 words) for Tanya and Vicky analysing and evaluating the financial position of LL from a range of existing and potential investor perspectives highlighting any areas for concern and suggesting ways to alleviate these issues.


All calculations should be shown in full, appended to the report and referenced whenever quoted within your report.

(50 marks)



Part two:

A key financial objective of companies is to maximise profits thus creating shareholder wealth; however, increasingly public limited companies have to consider other stakeholders in line with relevant corporate governance codes and a growing focus on corporate social responsibility.


Write an essay (approximately 1,500 words or equivalent excluding appendices), which critically evaluates whether it is possible for a public limited company to satisfy shareholder needs as well as demonstrate corporate social responsibility or should profit maximisation be its only goal?           

(50 marks)


(Total 100 marks)




Marking guidance


Part one:

Weighting (%)
Appropriate report structure and referencing 5
Calculation of relevant ratios 15
Analysis and evaluation of company’s results 30


Part two:

Weighting (%)
Essay structure demonstrating logical progression 10
References to support both sides of argument 20
Quality of evaluation 20







Feedback/feed-forward (linked to assessment criteria):

You should read this feedback carefully as it will identify areas where you have done well and provide guidance to help you improve future assessments.




·      What you can do to improve future assessments:








Marker’s Signature:



Moderator’s signature


   Please note that in line with USW procedures, a sample of work on this module has been moderated/double marked/seen by external examiner.
Provisional mark only: subject to change and/or confirmation by the Assessment Board




[1] University Academic Integrity Regulations

[2] Information on exclusions to this rule is available from Campus Advice Shops


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