Community Sport Development

Essay Title: the macro theory race and ethnicity covered in the module and outline how this theory explains the existence of inequalities in society. Then argue why a Community Sport Development approach is more effective than mainstream sport at tackling these inequalities in a sporting context.

Include relevant theories/models/diagrams/tables within the work

Internet references: 10
Normal references: 20
Harvard referencing method.

Essay structure 

Intro 250 words 

Discuss inequality/ exclusion 750 words
Outline mainstream sport and community sport development 500 words

Apply community sport development to sporting inequalities- is it better than a mainstream approach/ how/ why and give relevant illustrations.Talk about the big idea which is linked to the theory. 1500 words for this section(POWERPOINT UPLOADED FOR THE BIG THEORY MAKE SURE THIS IS SPOKE ABOUT)

Conclusion 250 words 

The macro theory you are using is race and ethnicity 

The documents I have uploaded:
Powerpoint 1 
Powerpoint 2 
Powerpoint 3 
Powerpoint 4 

Marking criteria 
Demonstrates identification, understanding and application of selected theory to issue of inequality. 
Demonstrate identification and understanding of community sport development. 
Application of selected theory to critique community sport development in tackling inequalities (in a sporting context). 
Structure, coherence and overall strength of argument within the essay. 
Uses and understands a wide range of academic literature properly referenced


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