Combat status and deployments on subsequents domestic violence within heterosexual couples of military veterans

The only edit is the section of methodology. And here is what the concern is:
This topic is not approved pending additional detail about the methodology. Because the General Psychology program does not provide clinical training nor does it assess the clinical skills of its learners, studies that involve participants that may be vulnerable and at risk for clinically defined problems are not appropriate. Given the large number of post-combat veterans who suffer from diagnosed or undiagnosed PTSD and diagnosed or This study’s topic involves topic appropriate for the clinical program and is an important topic. So two action items:

1. Determine how this study might be conducted anonymously and thus not require a signed consent form. By requiring a signature the participants’ identities are provided and increase the risk of prosocial responses as well as reduces the researcher’s level of contact with those participants which may fall into the vulnerable category. 
2. Consult with the IRB to determine if there are any problems with this suggestion.


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