Cloud computing


You are expected to write a 5,000 words individual report on the business topic distributed to you during the class. In this report you need to critically analyse the issues presented in this business topic and support your arguments with various secondary data or information.
Depends upon the business problem in hand you may choose to write from the perspective of a business consultant, independent analyst, academic researcher, etc.
You will need to do some wider reading to address this article adequately. Various sources of information should be considered, such as academic journals, books, newspapers, and magazines. Digital libraries should also be considered as important source of information and data.
Your report should be logical, balanced, concise, focused and well structured with no more than a maximum of 5,000 words in length. It should be word-processed
points to consider:
• What is cloud computing and its applications?
• How can business benefit from cloud computing?
• Is cloud computing suitable for all types of businesses?
• Are there any advantages or disadvantages with cloud computing?
• How can business benefit more from the trend of cloud computing?
• What are the theories support your discussion?
also i going to provide a piece of work from last year that is the same topic and same in everything, and i want you to write something that is very similar to it but not the same and its ok to use some of the references, please dont go far something similar and better.

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