CITC15 research paper

CITC15 research paper instructions


Researching material on municipal finances and municipal politics and substantiating your ideas IN WRITING (not only orally). The research paper must present a detailed analysis of municipal finances in one major Canadian municipality.



  • 13-15 pages
  • double spaced, 12’pt, Times new romans
  • APA format



Any cases of plagiarism will be forwarded to the Registrar. It is your responsibility to know and follow University rules and regulations including those that cover plagiarism, missed exams, etc. Plagiarism is quoting (or paraphrasing) the work of an author (including the work of a fellow student) without a proper citation. Students should not submit any academic work for which credit has previously been obtained or is being sought in another course. At a minimum, for every assignment, the sources of all data and ideas must be properly referenced using a standard academic referencing style such as APA, or MLA.



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