Christian Psychology for teachers Essay and PPT Presentation!


This has TWO parts- Essay 1500 words and Powerpoint 15 slides! This must be from a Christian School Point of view!
You are asked to prepare a slideshow presentation for a parent-teacher meeting explaining how to support their children in their transition from primary to secondary schooling.
(a) In Essay format (1500 words) describe the relevant stage/developmental theories and models of intelligence that will underpin your presentation, including reference to any relevant biblical cognates or theological principles.
(b) Design a Powerpoint (.ppt) presentation (13-15 slides) with reference to the relevant stage/development theories and models of intelligence detailed in your essay that can be easily understood by non-academics or educators. Reference all photos, artwork or images used.
Please upload the essay seperatly to the Powerpoint slides. Please make sure you reference the text:
Duchesne, S., McMaugh, A, Bochner, S &.Krause, K. 2013, Educational Psychology for Learning and Teaching, (4th ed.), Cengage Learning Australia, Melbourne.
Goodlet, K., Collier. J., (Eds) 2014 Teaching Well, Barton Books, Barton

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