"child" experiences

Grading: This assignment is worth 20 points. The point value is divided equally between 1- the content of your essay–how well you meet the assigned topic, and 2- the form of your essay’s freedom from grammar and spelling errors.

Content: A good essay will
-completely address the assigned topic
-show understanding of concepts such as scarcity, tradeoffs and opportunity cost in the context of addressing the topic (i.e., you don’t have to write out definitions, but rather demonstrate understanding via the examples you relate in your paper).
-focus on the topic without going off on tangents or irrelevant points.

Form: A good essay will:
-be free of spelling errors
-use correct grammar
-read smoothly, without awkward wording that makes understanding hard for a reader.
– stay within the word limits and the neatness criteria as above.
Remember that “autobiographical” means about your own life. you should focus own experiences, not on generalities.
one word usage point to keep in mind “tradeoff” is a single word, not two, and it is a noun not a verb.


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