Chemistry Grade 12 Multiple choice

Chemistry Question

Help with the following multiple choice questions
Predict which would be liquid at room temp

Select one:
a. SiCl4
b. S2Cl2
c. AlCl3
d. NaCl

Select the answer in which intermolecular forces are increasing:

Select one:
a. Dipole-induced, hydrogen bond, ion-dipole
b. Ion-dipole, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding
c. LDF, hydrogen bond, dipole-dipole
d. LDF, dipole-dipole, ion induced

The type of bonding which occurs in a soluble substance with a low melting point is likely:

Select one:
a. ionic
b. covalent
c. this substance doesn’t exist
d. metallic
e. network covalent

An atom has an l value of two.  What is true of the atom?

Select one:
a. it contains at least one electron in the d-orbital
b. the highest p-orbital present has 3 possible orientations
c. it has at least 21 electrons
d. all of the above
e. none of the above


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