case study

Only use scholarly sources dated within the last 5 years. The use of, wikipedia, mayo clinic, etc. will not be accepted and the assignment will receive a zero. 

Text book Pediatric Primary Care 
Author: Catherine E. Burns; Ardys M. Dunn; Margaret A. Brady; Nancy Barber Starr; Catherine G. Blosser 

Assignment 2: Individual Case Study

This assignment involves a written case analysis and the formulation of an evidence-based plan of care for a pediatric client that you have encountered in the clinical practicum. You are allowed to select the case topic of your choice. When selecting the topic, be sure to choose one that illustrates an area that we have studied so far in this course and that you have encountered in clinical practice. Try to select a case where there was a problem or situation that was challenging.

Adhere to the following guidelines for this assignment:
•Your analysis should be 6–8 pages in length.
•Use the specified Case Format to construct your assignment.
•Discuss your approach and patient care in the report.
•Adhere to the ethical standards when writing about your case.
•Ask your client for permission to contact him or her for follow-up and evaluate the results and impact of his or her care, prescriptions, and education if needed.
•Use at least five published articles to support your approach.
•Do not use references greater than five years old except with justification and permission of faculty.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points

Wrote a six to eight-page case analysis that included history of present illness, physical exam, primary diagnosis with differential diagnoses and treatment as indicated in the prescribed format. 

Provided a thorough discussion of the approach to the case and patient care. 

Adhered to ethical standards when writing about the case. 

Used at least five current articles to support the approach. 

Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary and cited all sources using APA style. 



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