Capital budgeting uncertainty and risk techniques (sensitivity analysis scenario analysis simulation analysis)

Helpful Guide: How risk and uncertainty can be incorporated in investment or project decision making process.

Project Risk Analysis and Management is a process which enables the analysis of the risks associated with a project. Properly undertaken it will increase the likelihood of successful completion of a project to cost, time and performance objectives. 

We need to recognise that risk exists as a consequence of uncertainty. Since we are trying to estimate the future cash flows of a project, the estimated cash flows are very likely to deviate from the actual cash flows generated by the project. 

i) Review academic literature on how risk can be incorporated in investment decision making. Through a critical review of the literature, you will be able to see some techniques use in practice to deal with risk and uncertainty
ii) Give a critical review of the way in which current thinking on the issue has developed through empirical research findings.

iii) Assess how project risk is dealt with in practice including any developments in business practice supported by empirical research.

iv) Indicates where future advances can be made.

The article have to be from year 2010 to 2015..
The research paper have to include title, abstract (does not count as word), introduction, problem analysis, research gap (whats the gap in the capital budgeting the critical question, objectives, theoretical and conceptual framework, literature review, methodology and methods, set hypothesis, data analysis, discussion, are there any limitations, conclusion and references.


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