C++ program that will process a stream of GPS data

Write a C++ program that will process a stream of GPS data. Each line of data starts with a command, followed by the data for that command. There will be one command per line.

Your program should.

  1. Ask the user for the name of a data file.
    • echo print the file name
  2. Open the data file
    1. if the file fails to open, return to step 1
  3. Skip the first two lines of the data file.
  4. Process each command in the data file.
  5. Report the following to both the screen (cout) and a file named GPS.report:
    1. Final Location
    2. Total distance traveled (rounded to one decimal place)
    3. Distance to starting point (rounded to one decimal place)
  • Commands:
    • START – indicates the starting location of the trip
    • STOP – indicates the ending location of the trip
    • DATA – indicates a turning point.

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